Monday, August 29, 2011

AccessData lança vesão 3.4.1 do FTK

Change log em inglês:

What’s New in FTK 3.4.1?
Database and Processing Enhancements
  • FTK now ships with PostgreSQL. However it will continue to support Oracle, as well.
  • Increased overall processing performance through indexing optimizations in the evidence processing engine.
  • Define database location with PostgresSQL.
  • Archive expansion is on by default.
  • The processing engine now checks for connectivity to evidence files every 2 minutes during processing and will record any exceptions to the progress window.
  • Processing speed for EDB files has been greatly improved.
Bookmarking and Reporting
  • Reporting now has an option to keep email attachments together with parent email messages. This functionality is similar to reports generated by FTK 1.x.
  • The Bookmarks section of reports has changed to match the same tree structure created by the user in the FTK Examiner.
  • Bookmark Selection in File now allows for more than one selection per file to be added to a bookmark from any FTK tab.
  • FTK Reports now include links to jump to the first or last page of a multi-page section of a selected report.
Additional Encryption, File System and File Support
  • Added decryption support for…
    • Office 2010
    • Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise 5.5
    • Symantec Endpoint Encryption v8.0
    • Lotus Notes proprietary encryption, $SealData, for individually encrypted items inside an NSF.
  • Support for an additional 32 files types
  • A new column identifies encrypted PDFs, and encrypted PDFs are also flagged in file status.
  • Improved handling of Blackberry .IPD files: Now displays calendar information, phone hot-list, tasks, Bluetooth options and browser URLs

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