Certificação ACE

The AccessData Certified Examiner™ credential is obtained by completing a multiple choice exam which consists of Knowledge Based and Practical Based elements. Although there are no prerequisites, ACE candidates will benefit from having the AccessData BootCamp and Windows Forensics - XP courses as a foundation.
In preparation for the ACE program, it is recommended that students utilize their training manuals from previously taken courses as study guides, especially the AccessData BootCamp and Windows Forensics - XP manuals. Focusing on the learning points and lab exercises from the course modules will best prepare the ACE candidate for test questions and practical assessment activities.
NOTE: The ACE exam is available in both English and Spanish.


In preparation for the process, candidates are encouraged to test their knowledge of the skills acquired in the AccessData BootCamp and Windows Forensics - XP courses.
This study guide provides concept based questions that allow candidates to recognize areas that may need focus before beginning the ACE exam. The study guide also provides sample questions similar to what will be encountered in the Knowledge Based Assessment.
Please note the ACE credential encompasses the latest version of the following tools:
  • Forensic Toolkit (FTK)
  • Password Recovery Toolkit (PRTK)
  • FTK Imager
  • Registry Viewer


The ACE Preparation Videos are now available for review for those comfortable with preparation outside of a structured environment. The following videos may be streamed: